Are you ready, willing and able? Then show me!

For your marketing to work, you need your prospective clients to know that you are ready, willing and able to service their needs.  The challenge here, is that many small business owners only demonstrate 2 out of those 3 requirements.

Here’s what I see time and again with small business marketing:

  1. I know you are ready to attract more clients, because you are marketing your services to me.
  2. I know you are willing to work with me, because you have targeted me with a marketing message expressing your willingness.
  3. I have no idea if you are able, though!

Yes, you have testimonials on your website but so do all your competitors.  These testimonials provide me with little real insight as to your ability, because we all know they are usually written by the best case clients; so not as representative as I need them to be.

I see you have some badges on your website, brochure or letter head, but they mean nothing to me.  I’m not an expert in your industry and have no idea if they have any credibility.  Even if they are credible, I am likely to see them on your competitors sites and marketing materials too.  In other words, I still know zero about your knowledge or skills.

Show me

So, if you want me to find out how awesome you are, show me!

Start writing blog posts or newsletter articles, which demonstrate your knowledge to me.  Show me what you know and how valuable your information is.  Use your marketing messages to deliver information to me that has value; something I can use rather than just a sales pitch.  Educate me.  Cause me to position you in my mind as an expert in your field and the logical person to call, when I need paid-for help from someone in your industry.

Show your prospective clients that you are ready, willing and able.

The good news? Very, very few of your competitors are doing this right now!