Attract more clients and customers with these 5 simple steps!

Here’s a quick tip, which can help you quickly improve your marketing results.

1.            Think of the last 5 purchases you made that is about the same amount of your products or services that you sell. 

2.            Now, what are the name the companies (or people) that you made those purchases from.

3.            How did you found those companies? (Word of mouth, search engines, advertising etc.)

4.            What is it that made you decide to spend your money with them, rather than someone else?

5.            Write your answers down!

This simple exercise gives you a glimpse into how other companies are successfully making sales, in your price range.

Is there anything those 5 vendors did that was common to 2 or more of them, but which you don’t currently do?  If so, pay attention to those things!

Why go to this effort?  This exercise can help you spot elements missing from your own marketing, which were powerful enough to convert you into a customer.

AND… since your 5 examples will probably have been from outside your own industry, if you do spot something they are doing, it’s possible your competitors won’t be doing it, making it even more powerful for you.

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