The biggest mistake we see website owners make is in the utilization of “free services” to host your blog. These services are offered by many blog software companies as a lost-leader to gain your information and to sell you services!

The best way to get the full benefit of your blog is to include the blog on your own website, under your own domain name!!!

Of course, there are some benefits if the blog has a link to your website. But, why not get the full benefit by having the blog on your own website? Additionally, links to different IP Addresses can cause confusion to clients or prospects or may never be utilized, ensuring loss of your time, efforts and revenues!!!

The two biggest benefits of having a blog on your own domain are:

  1. New content is added to your website on a regular basis. If your blog is someplace else, that other website gets credit for the updates, not your website. So if your blog is on another site (i.e. WordPress, blogspot, etc), there will be no new content added to your site.
  2. Your website gets credit for the traffic coming to your blog to read it. Instead of the credit going to the other website, not yours.

Because my blog is on my website (, Google visits my website more often because it sees new content added on a regular basis!

Blogging software can be easily installed on your own website. If you need help installing blogging software on your server, or if you want your blog designed to match your website, call us at 801-298-2336 and we can help you!!!

Happy Travels Along The Web With Global Marketing Plus!!!